Talent Management




                              Strengthen capabilities and practice new and more impactful behaviorsStimulate a collaborative work environment and best-practice sharingQuestion paradigms beyond learner's comfort zoneAddress individual and team’s needs

                                                                       We can build your own contents, roll out your Corporate ones or design a blend that  matches your needs and expectations.
MANAGEMENT SKILLS- Ownership and accountability
- Personal effectiveness
- Commercial awareness
- Customer centricity
- Simplicity and innovation
- Strategic thinking and scenario planning
- Consultative skills WELL-BEING ANDMINDFULNESS- Career self development
- Wellness: work-life balance
- Parenthood and profession
- Diversity and inclusion DIALOGUE AND AGREEMENT- Proactive listening
- High impact communication
- Negotiation and agreement building
- Difficult conversations
- Impact, influence and networking
- From feedback to feed-forwardLEADERSHIP- One to one leadership
- Leader as coach
- Conversational leadership
- Teaming
- Leading virtual teams
- Talent management
- Change management



                                 Along these nearly 30 years of experience in different world wide locations and industries, we have developed a variety of methodologies to help participants update their knowledge, put new behaviors into action and comprehend the impact of their behaviors.Certainly one of the most complex challenges every client faces, is to apply and sustain knowledge on daily basis.  Our approach is focused on responding to this challenge by finding new and different solutions to achieve itOur methodologies combine: • Face to face activities: Creating synergy and encouraging networking• Virtual tools: Using different collaborative tools that eases reaching out to  wide and diverse geographies optimizing resources.• One to one: customizing learning to each individual's needsAvailable methodologies:- Workshops- Team Building activities- Action Teams built on Client's real  business cases- Creative Labs- Strategic Planning Sessions  - Lunch & Learn- Champions and TTT trainings- Virtual learning environments (design - building -   maintenance)- Pre and post training resources- Communicational campaigns to support training   initiatives Feedback As a distinctive contribution to participants, our training activities include the use of diverse feedback resources to reflect and dialogue and ensure that everyone leaves the session with a 360º perspective of how he/she is perceived, strengths and opportunity areas. Our feedback activities and tools follow ground rules that ensure that each piece of information is constructive and actionable. For more information about each mode, please contact us here 

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