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                                                                    Our Company is more than 35 uninterrupted years old. We are a Latin-American consulting group, who has been supporting and developing executives and high performing leadership teams for over 35 years in the Latin-American market. Originally our operation began in Argentina extending afterwards to Colombia and Mexico from where we cover all the region. We are currently working with many of the most influencing companies in the region developing team effectiveness and helping them overcome distance, cultural differences, matrix challenges, collaboration and coordination issues either face to face or virtually.A Purpose - A DREAM:More than a plan, what we have as a Company is a dream, a spirit of service channeled by the activities we do day to day.We understand business as an opportunity to contribute, to expand the capabilities of others at the same time we expand ours. To carry a positive and encouraging vision to people that sometimes have lost their confidence in themselves or in the future.We value focusing on each person’s talent, inviting them to listen inwards and providing them with self-development tools.If we do not do these, surely many others will fill that space and not always with such a comprehensive way of the human being and its potential; we have the commitment with us and the future to protect that space giving the best of us every single day. We are an open door to the future!

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                                                                       COMPETITIVE                                                  ADVANTAGES

                                                                        References:We are providers for the main organizations in the region because of our consultancy and training quality and the level of updated contents.Knowledge:and updating of Soft Skills topics in the local and regional market as well as tools and practice techniques for appliance day to day.Expertise:in local and multinational companies, which facilitates:- Understanding the Company's needs to be more agile and competitive- Relying on faster action speed to develop customized solutions- Including different approaches to offer solutionsObjectivity:Our knowledge of the regional market allows our clients to compare their markets practices (benchmark) to assure good attraction, development and talent retention strategies.Attributes:We work as business partners, to assure high quality end product, high update level, good disposition to adequate everything necessary to our public, high level of satisfaction of all our users and good empathy and acceptance from different public.Work Methodology:We offer metrics, content and innovative dynamics that make the participants willing to receive the content and take with them practical tools to apply day by day.Language coverageWe count with coverage in all Spanish spoken countries and Brazil with 100% fully bilingual trainers in English and Portuguese

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